Menü Simge


ARES Automotive has been designing vehicles and manufacturing equipment in line with the needs and requests of our customers up until today since 1992.


ARES Automotive started to engage in the manufacturing of Personnel Transportation Vehicles, School Vehicles and VIP Design Vehicles in 1992, focused on the special-design vehicles in the developing automotive industry, extended its staff of experts, established manufacturing and assembly facilities and, started to have a voice in the field of superstructure manufacturing. We currently continue to engage in the manufacturing activities in an enclosed area of 3800 m2 with 46 production personnel and 9 administrative personnel.


Our company serves for the public and private corporations and, works for the significant brands in Turkey such as Ford, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Fiat, Temsa, Isuzu, Hyundai and Iveco. Together with these companies, we also produce mobile solutions for Security and Military Institutions.

In cooperation with our partners located in Germany, Romania and Jordan, we make sales and provide service to our customers in many different countries.


We are pleased to be at your service through the extended network of dealers and sales abroad.


• Goring and going forward in this industry with the confidence based on the history of our company we have cautiously founded.
• Providing our customers with the right projects and the most quality services and, operating based on the principles of customer orientation within the triangle of needs-resources-time.
• Offering our customers a variety of production portfolio within the principles of continuous improvement, research and development without compromising the understanding of total quality.
• Our after-sales support and marketing team. 
• Our environmentally friendly products, which are an indication of our respect to the next generations.


ARES Automotive intends to be a global company in the field of vehicle superstructure solutions by means of establishing complete customer satisfaction through its innovative vehicle equipment, products and services. It adopts an understanding of innovative, technological, nature and people oriented production in its designs. All of our employees take responsibilities and engage themselves in line with our principles contributing to the development of our company.

  • We ensure continuous improvement and development of our management system through the active, constructive and creative engagement of our employees.
  • We are committed to complying with the applicable national and international laws and regulations concerning quality, environment, occupational health and safety.
  • We use new technologies, which are environmentally friendly and pose no risk for health, in our products.
  • We implement an efficient waste management with the understanding the importance of reuse and, aim at preventing pollution and, utilizing natural sources and energies in an efficient manner. 
  • We develop and implement systems to ensure occupational health and safety, and avoid occupational accidents during the performance of our activities. 
  • We consider our suppliers to be an integral part of our management system, establish well-based cooperation with them and, ensure that they operate within the same principles.